Does ManStat suit your business requirements?

To determine if ManStat would best suit your business requirements, refer to the feature comparison chart.



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 Tablet   ManStat
Multiple Users    √
Remote Field Based Access  √  
One Central Point of Data Entry     √
Additional Accounting System Integration (Optional)  √  √
Job Booking    √
Multiple Depots    √
Job Rostering  √  √
Ability to define a shift type  √
Advanced Rostering Options (pre-set rules to determine best employee for the job, automatic notification of licence expiry, etc)  
Time and Shift Verification
Payroll Generation    √
Invoice Generation/ Billing    √
Simple Award Interpretation  √  
Multiple Award Management    √
Complex Award Interpretation (for payroll and billing)    √
ManTrak Integration     √
Simple to complex reporting options    √
Compliance Management    √
Fleet/ Product Maintenance (ie ability to add multiple items and record/ update maintenance history, set prices for billing)    √
In depth client/ contact management (ie create, record and update award information, order numbers, accounting codes, pay rates, automatically set pay rate changes, etc)   
In depth employee management (ie create and maintain employee records including licences, training, inductions, availability and compliance issues)  
Complex invoicing options (ie invoice batching, electronic emailing direct to clients, manual invoicing, bulk invoicing)  
Stocktake report  
Ability to create quotations and purchase orders  
Security group setup options  
SMS roster verification