Q  Is ManStat suitable for small business?

ManStat is an enterprise level software package, suitable for medium to large scale service organisations who not only pay staff but also bill clients. ManStat Lite is however more suitable for small business. Check out the Features Comparison chart in the 'Features' tab to decide which package may be best for your business.


Q Does ManStat auto roster staff?

ManStat does not automatically roster staff however uses pre-defined rules to determine the most appropriate staff and resources to be allocated to a job.


Q Does ManStat allow rostering 24 hours a day, 7 days a week?

Due to the nature of the industries for which ManStat was designed, yes it does allow for 24/7 rostering


Q Does ManStat interpret awards? 

ManStat's most valuable asset is it's award interpreter. It is specifically designed to decipher complex award and billing scenarios to trigger payroll and invoicing, eliminating the innacuracies that may occur with manual interpretation.

In addition to a clients default award and verified job information, the award interpreter also considers time and shift dates, shift types, depots and job equipment to calculate what should be paid to staff and billed to clients ie travel allowances, crew rates, etc


Q Is support available?

ManStat support is available during normal business hours to support our customers needs.


Q Does ManStat have a mobile docket application?

ManStat currently has an Android docket application which can be used by crews onsite to submit timesheets and verify completed job information instantaneously.


Q What payroll and invoicing systems does ManStat currently integrate with?

At present, ManStat can be integrated with any payroll or invoicing system which allows text files to be imported, such as Attache and MYOB. Please speak to your ManStat representative to confirm if your system can be supported.


Q What other business functions does ManStat support?

ManStat provides a complete workforce management system which supports not only Operations but also Human Resources and Fleet Management. Staff, client and supplier records can be stored and maintained within the system, recording not only job and award information but training records and regulatory compliance items; vehicle and equipment job history and maintenance records can be stored and maintained within the system; and ManStat also has the ability to generate a multitude of reports to support your business needs from the numbers of hours an employee has worked to when a company vehicle is next due for service.