As a small to medium size business we hit a benchmark where invoicing and payroll was beginning to be far too much for one person to do. We were getting to the point where payroll was getting done late and invoicing was taking up to 4 days to complete. This was a major issue for our business and we were considering putting on an additional accounts person / book keeper.

We did some research on programs that may be able to help our situation. Having used MANSTAT while working with another large traffic control company a few years back I thought that was probably the best place to start. Once I made contact with our MANSTAT consultant he came to Townsville to sit down with me and explain how it would work for a business of our size. He demonstrated the system and showed us how to implement it. It was obvious straight away that the system was extremely easy to implement, maintain and the functionality was perfect for our industry. The pre-set rules take all the guess work out of rostering all the way through to payroll and invoicing.  

Once we engaged their services, we had the consultant and his assistant in our office by the end of the week stepping through the integration process with us. After this brief implementation process it was evident straight away we made the correct call. Instead of taking one person a full week to do payroll and invoicing, both processes were started and finished on the same day. Obviously there are some additional checks which would be completed by the following morning. We were now invoicing $350,000.00 + per week and payroll in one day.

So firstly, MANSTAT had freed up four days per week for our admin accounts lady, allowing her to significantly help in other areas of the business. Secondly, we no longer had to spend time and resources finding an additional admin person then fork out more money for wages.

I would strongly recommend this program for large or small companies. The functionality means it if very user friendly and flexible. But the sheer capacity to handle 2500 shifts per day for the bigger companies is just as impressive.

David Bowe
General Manager
Arid to Oasis Traffic Solutions

I began working in the Traffic management industry in 2005 and was specifically recruited to run and operate a new software system called Manstat. Up until this point, the workplace had used mainly excel spreadsheets and white boards. Over the last 9 years I have been using Manstat I can confidently say it has saved thousands of hours both in operational and administration duties.

The system encompasses both rostering, invoicing and payroll. It has also been recently trialled successfully in SMS rostering and GPS tracking and we have found this saves on average at least 2 hours work per day for our operations staff. The system is easy to use, and back up support is only a phone call away.

I regularly speak to other Traffic Management companies around Australia and some have spent countless hours trying to find a comparative system that can perform the tasks that Manstat does but have found nothing can match it.

I can be contacted by phone should you require further references.

Mark Chapman
State Operations & Business Development Manager
Prime Traffic Solutions